Review On Firefly Vaporizer

if you had to gather up the most popular and important vaporizers since they became more mainstream there would be several models that would meet the criteria. The truth is that many companies were made to cash in on vaporizers because they thought that vaporizers would be little more than a fad. The companies that are still making products today are the ones who understood that this was no mere fad to be taken lightly. They pushed themselves to create memorable and functional products. That is why the team at Firefly Vapor are still around, because their original vaporizer the Firefly was exceptional.

The team at Firefly Vapor have managed to improve on their four year old classic portable Vaporizer. Here is hwy the Firefly 2 is an amazing continuation of that legacy.

All New Body

The construction of the original Firefly was superb but it still had a few quirks. It has not aged well in terms of its size because portable vaporizers today are much smaller and much more discreet. The vaporizer, while elegantly designed, was too bulky to be quickly used and then put away in a pocket or bag. This has been corrected with the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2 is much smaller than the original, cutting out over one third of the original size. This makes putting it away for the sake of discretion much easier for the user.

Another problem them original body had was its weight. It had a bit of heft to it thanks to the fact that it was made from stainless steel as opposed to the new body which is made of magnesium alloy. Using magnesium alloy has allowed the team at Firefly Vapor to create a vaporizer that reduces the weight of the original model by over half. This is significant because it makes the unit as a whole more functional.

The Better Battery

While the larger body of the original Firefly was a minor detriment to an overall great vaporizer, the batteries of the original are another story entirely. The batteries of the original were abysmal in terms of performance. They were cheap and would die very quickly. It would not take very many charges before they were completely unusable. This was not acceptable and the team at Firefly understood that it was an embarrassment to their exceptional product.

The new batteries have been redesigned from the ground up. They perform significantly better than their original counterpart. They only take twenty minutes to achieve an 80% charge, and roughly 45 minutes for a complete charge. They do not degrade like the previous model. They are simply an all around improvement that was sorely needed.

The Firefly 2 is the kind of follow-up you want from an already excellent vaporizer. It is the perfect intersection of form and function according to this firefly 2 review by Vapor Domain. This is a truly exceptional vaporizer that is easy to recommend to both the seasoned vapor veteran and the newcomer looking for a great vaporizer to start out with.

Miami Water Damage: Dealing With Hurricanes and Water Sanitation

water damage restoration miami by we dry miamiThe flood waters that wreak havoc on your home when rivers run over their banks or when hurricanes come calling can contain almost anything that you can think of (and some things you can’t) that can be harmful to your health and the health of any pets you may have living with you. If you are unfamiliar with how to prepare for a hurricane, then you may want to do a little research into just what you need to do before the storm hits, especially if you do not plan on leaving your home during that time.

The most important thing that you can have during a hurricane or any other disaster is clean water to drink. You will absolutely not be able to trust the water that comes out of your faucet during the storm, because the local water supply may have been contaminated by sea water, sewage, leaves, sticks, or almost anything else that the wind and water can carry with it. One easy way to get the clean water that you will need for a hurricane is to collect it in milk jugs that you have saved and cleaned out. This is a good alternative to buying a lot of bottled water at the store, especially since it may not be available in the quantity you need by the time you get there.

Purifying water after the storm has already started and you have run out of the supply that you had saved up is not too difficult. If you can get water out of your faucet, you can boil it for at least 10 minutes to get drinking water. If the electricity is off, though, you may not be able to boil anything and you may have to result to water purification tablets, which can be purchased at most outdoor supply stores. Hikers and campers take these with them often, especially when going into the wilderness to camp and not staying at a camp area near town.

The water damage to your home may be very little or extensive, depending on how close to the flooded area of town you are. If you’re in Miami, that could be almost anywhere! (If you have water damage in your home, check out We Dry Miami. They can help with any water damage issues you may have.) Your windows should have been boarded up to help prevent the panes from being broken by the wind and as many parts of your home waterproofed so water cannot get inside as possible. If the area outside your home is flooded, do not let children or pets get in these waters, since they are likely contaminated.

Water Damage Caused by Frozen Pipes

If you have just moved into a new home or even if it is just a rental, if you are planning on spending the winter there, it might be a good idea to remember to wrap any water pipes that you can gain access to.

Most people who have owned a home for a while know all about this necessity, but if it is your first home, you might not think about it until it is too late. Well, it is likely that your parents mentioned it to you when you were younger, but you did not understand fully why they did it.

So, why wrap them? When the temperature outside falls below around twenty degrees Fahrenheit, the water pipes that are in your basement, under your sink, or outside exposed to these temperatures can become frozen and will burst.

This will not only cause your water bill to go up if you do not notice this right away (and you should, unless you are away on vacation), but also cause water damage to the inside of your home depending on which pipe was ruptured.

Any pipes that you can reach easily should be wrapped up in some kind of insulation and if you can manage to get warm air to any of these pipes, it is a good idea to do so. Keeping the pipes above freezing is not too difficult if you have some good common sense.

The first thing to do is to open your bathroom and kitchen cabinets so that any heat inside your home can reach the water pipes inside. Even if your home is not being heated by a central heat and air system, you can still use space heaters to get this benefit as long as you are careful not to place them close enough to the cabinets for them to catch fire.

Careful placement of space heaters is essential if you do not want to start a house fire. Use space heaters with caution.

It is also advised to leave a tad of water running in most faucets during the wintertime; even though your water bill may be a little more every month, but it might be a good idea to do this, anyway.

The cost of repairing the water damage a busted pipe can cause far outweighs the little bit of extra you might pay each month during the winter by leaving a little water running all the time.